In the early stages of the pandemic, American citizens were encouraged to stay home. Many states placed restrictions on their population, mandated quarantine, and instructed them to remain at home except in an emergency. A year later, the economy is getting back to a “new normal.” Essential travel is allowed in most states, leases are up, and for many of us, that means moving.

If you are concerned about transitioning to a new space during the pandemic, you’re not alone. However, it might be shocking to learn that more than 15.9 million Americans moved during the pandemic in 2020. According to D’Vera Cohn, senior writer and editor for PEW, “About a quarter [of the population moved] because they feared getting COVID-19 if they stayed where they were living. About a fifth (20%) said they wanted to be with their family, or their college campus closed (23%). A total of 18% gave financial reasons.”

While there is always a certain degree of risk associated with movement during the pandemic, we’ve got you covered with some helpful advice. All of us at The 3900 wish you safe travels and want to share three tips for moving safely during the pandemic.

Plan Ahead

The number one thing to do in case of an emergency is to plan. This includes gathering the appropriate personal protective equipment, such as masks, gloves, and disinfectants. You might also choose to purchase new packing supplies rather than borrowing them from others. The coronavirus can survive on paper surfaces for up to 24 hours, metal for five days, wood for four days, and stainless steel and plastics for two to three days. Consider packing yourself instead of having movers do it, sanitize each item, and store the boxes for a period of “quarantine” upon arrival at your destination.

Do Your Research

The CDC website offers many tools to help you find the latest travel restrictions and requirements. Research the area in which you currently reside and the area to which you are moving. By understanding the unique, location-specific guidelines, you can adjust your plans accordingly.

Contact your local moving companies and find out what they are doing to keep you and their employees safe. Laura Mueller, writer for, states, “What has changed at this point is largely going to be related to the customer experience itself, including frequent hand washing among movers and no physical contact between movers and clients.” It is essential to find a good fit and to make sure that your moving company values your health and safety just as much as you do.

Follow CDC Guidelines

If the pandemic has taught us anything, it’s respect for others. Our choice to wear a mask, to social distance while in public spaces, to sanitize our hands, and clean up after ourselves, is a choice we make not only to keep ourselves safe but those around us too. If you or anyone in your household are experiencing symptoms, consider self-quarantine, getting tested, and postponing your move. Be honest with your moving company about any changes in health. Many companies are offering flexible schedules and free cancellation. It is a team effort to ensure that you move safely, and good communication is at the heart of success.

Moving during the Coronavirus pandemic can seem stressful, but if you follow our tips, stay informed, and take the appropriate precautions, it will help you stay safe.